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Universal Alignment

We’re more than our bodies-so much more! We're quick to invest in our physical through exercise, food or clothing for example. But we’re holistic beings, and we must take care of every aspect of ourSelf. This leaves the mental, emotional and Spiritual aspects. Ask yourself, How are you investing in these areas of your Life?

When we feel out of balance it’s often because one of these aspects is lacking or overstimulated and we must come back into balance. When all of the aspects of ourselves are balanced our energy flows- not just the energy in our bodies but in our lives, in our manifestations- because we’re aligned with the energy of the Universe!

As we’re balanced within, we create a balanced life without! Here’s how:

  1. We live in a creative Universe! You must have balanced energy to create with. As we’re balanced in our own energy, we can align with the energy of the Universe in order to manifest our desires.

  2. We live in an abundant Universe! Every tool we need to support us in our creations is available to us- it's usually just a phone call or Google click away! There is no lack, Seek and ye shall find.

  3. We live in a loving Universe! You are loved- not just human love, but divine unconditional love. Open yourself up to receive this love, tap into it and feel the unconditional love and support of the Universe. -This love is the fuel behind your creations- this is why all the resources you need will show up.

When you invest in your Spirit,

your Life will begin to blossom.

Say this affirmation to support you in your creations: As I create my life I feel the loving support of the universe and am guided every step I take.

Thank you for allowing me to be a tool to help you balance and align with universal energy! I wish you abundance, peace, and clarity in all of your creations!


Energetic Alignment Meditation
March 19th, 7pm
Join me for a meditation to open yourself up to receive the Abundance, feel the Love, and align with the energy of the Universe!
Suggested donation $10
Please RSVP by replying to this email

Awaken and Balance with an
Energetic Awakening Package:

Are you ready for change? To reawaken your authentic self and live your life consciously? If you say YES, grab a package and start to create the life you desire!

Rejuvenate- 4 sessions $389

Revitalize- 7 sessions $679

Transform- 10 sessions $969

Benefits of Energy Healing:
  • Relaxation
  • Pain Relief
  • Mental Focus and Clarity
  • Emotional Healing
  • Balance of body, mind, Spirit
Call Noelle today to reserve your appointment to relax, rejuvenate, and rebalance your body, mind, and Spirit!

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