December 2018. #14

Japan expects to increase wood pellet imports

Since 2012, Japan has bet for new energy sources against nuclear and coal types.
According to the USDA, Japan has only restarted a limited number of nuclear power reactors. 
The power companies are turning to wood pellets as a renewable energy sources, making imports increased considerably since 2012. 
Most part of wood pellet imports came from Canada, following Thailand,Vietnam and the U.S.
Source: Biomass Magazine (2018)

Finland launched 1.4TWh auction

The Finnish Energy Agency has launched a new technology-neutral renewable energy tender.
It is expect to be done before the end of 2018 and will include wind, solar, biomass, biogas and wave generator.
The tender seeks to source 1.4TWh of clean power project which will be support for 12 years.
Each generator must also be capable of producing between 800MWh and 10,000MWh annually.
Source: Biomass Magazine (2018)


U.K publishes its new bioeconomy strategy

The U.K Government pulished its national bioeconomy strategy 2018-2030 noting biobased resources are essentials against climate change.
The new strategy has four goals:
  1. Use U.S bioeconomy assets efficiently.
  2. Create right market conditions for the biobased products.
  3. Improve research and innovation.
  4. Set a goal to deliver real benefits for the U.K.
A full copy of the “Bioeconomy Strategy: 2018 to 2030” can be downloaded from the BEIS website.
Source: BEIS (2018)

Hard Brexit will generate a £16-a-tonne carbon tax

If there is a no-deal Brexit, the Treasury will introduce a £16-a-tonne carbon emissions tax.

The goal is to continue disincentivising the use of coal as part of the plan to replace the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.

Under the plan the UK will have two separate fixed carbon prices (current and new tax).

It is unclear whether the new carbon emissions price would put the U.K in advantage or disadvantage.

Source: Finantial Times (2018)


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