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Issue: 62

Jan 22, 2019

All About Devtac


Create a New Billing Strategy for Your Business!

Just like any other transaction, billing is also one of the most important activities for any company, especially for business-to-business enterprises. You can’t get paid unless you send your clients an invoice that summarizes the services rendered, as well as a detailed expense report of how much t ... more


Drive Sales for your Business with Data Analytics!

A company’s success depends on its ability to keep their customers at its core. Competition no longer looks at the prices of products, but rather on the advertising as well as how they are marketed. If you want to generate and keep customers, you have to interact with them and build relationships on ... more


The Future of Mobile App Development at Salesforce

As if keeping tabs on my kids’ calendars, total steps, and credit card balance wasn’t enough, Apple’s new feature that reports daily screen time has provided yet another thing to cause me angst — thanks a lot Apple! It turns out I spend an obscene amount of daily hours on my phone, from shopping on ... more


Hassle Free Dropdown Editing With QDropdowns

Whether you need to make wholesale changes to your lists, slightly reorder them, or just a quick edit, this new add-on by Infospectrum makes it a breeze. Besides the ability to export and import lists, drag and drop reordering, and the click to edit functionality you can also assign lists to specific ... more


Staying Relevant is the Key to Business Survival

The minute your business loses its relevance is the minute it dies. Just ask Toys R Us, which was forced to close all 735 of its US stores and many more around the globe last year after failing to keep up with changes in their industry and in the expectations of consumers. The Deloitte Consumer Revie ... more


Devtac Platform


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SugarCRM SMS Integration

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The AI market is growing, but how quickly is tough to pin down

If you work in tech, you’ve heard about artificial intelligence: how it’s going to replace us, whether it’s over-hyped or not and which nations will leverage it to prevent, or instigate, war. Our editorial bent is more clear-cut: How much money is going into startups? Who is putting that money in? An ... more


Microsoft CTO: Understanding AI is part of being an informed citizen in the 21st century

Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott believes understanding AI in the future will help people be better citizens. “I think to be a well-informed citizen in the 21st century, you need to know a little bit about this stuff [AI] because you want to be able to participate in the debates. You don’t want to be someon ... more


Twitter warns that private tweets were public for years

Private tweets sent by users of Twitter's Android app could have been exposed publicly for years. Twitter said it had discovered a security flaw which meant "protected" tweets became public when some changes were made to accounts. Anyone who updated the email address linked to their account ... more


Future of airport security on show in London

Technology that could speed up and enhance security checks at airports is being demonstrated to industry experts at a showcase event in London. Among the innovations is a pad that could detect explosives hidden in shoes while people are queuing at security. The show is part of the government's Future ... more


Facebook blocks accounts linked to Russian state-owned Sputnik

(Reuters) - Facebook Inc (FB.O) said on Thursday it had removed hundreds of Russia-initiated accounts, which it judged to be involved in coordinated inauthentic behavior on its platforms, including some linked to state-owned news agency Sputnik. In a separate statement, Sputnik attacked the social ne ... more

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China's slowdown and what it means for the UK

Monday sees the release of China's GDP figures, and they'll be even more closely watched than usual. Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, blamed cautious Chinese consumers in part for his company's failure to sell as many iPhones as he hoped, sending share prices down around the globe. Car sales in the country, mea ..more

Russian senator says U.S. warship in Black Sea should keep its distance

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Visits to the Black Sea by U.S. warships have nothing to do with U.S. security and are motivated by domestic politics, prominent Russian senator Alexei Pushkov said on Sunday, warning they should stay away from the Russian coast. The U.S. guided-missile destroyer Donald Cook began ..more

Central bankers lack the weapons to fight the next big recession

New York (CNN Business) - If there's a serious recession on the horizon, the world's central banks may have trouble fighting it. Central banks took dramatic and unorthodox steps to prevent economic collapse during the financial crisis. They slashed interest rates, and in the years that followed spent ..more

Netflix boosts subscriber numbers to nearly 140 million

Netflix ended 2018 with more than 139 million paid subscribers, adding 8.8 million members in the three months to 31 December. The streaming giant said the growth reflected the success of its original programmes, such as Bird Box and Roma. Netflix-original material now represents the "vast majori ... more

The Only Resolution Banks And Credit Unions Need To Make In 2019

Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions--and that’s just as true for banks and credit unions as it is for their consumers. While most financial institutions will start 2019 with a laundry list of key initiatives and goals to pursue in the coming year, there’s just one resolution they need to make ... more


Thousands march in Bogota after deadly car bombing

BOGOTA, Colombia – Thousands of people marched in Colombia Sunday, January 20, to condemn the deadly car bombing that killed 20 police academy cadets and the alleged attacker, in a strike blamed on ELN rebels that derailed peace talks. The protest was held in several cities around the country, with  ... more

North Korean art troupe to visit China: state media

BEIJING (Reuters) - A North Korean art troupe will visit China starting on Wednesday, Chinese state media said on Sunday. The troupe will led by Ri Su Yong, a vice-chairman of the ruling Workers’ Party’s Central Committee and director of its International Department, the official Xinhua news agency s... more

World's oldest man dies in Japan at age 113

(CNN) - A 113-year-old Japanese man, Masazo Nonaka, recognized in April 2018 by Guinness World Records as the world's oldest male, died on Sunday, according to Japanese public service broadcaster NHK. Nonaka, a resident of Japan's northern island of Hokkaido, was born on July 25, 1905 ... more

Thousands protest in Athens against Macedonian accord

Athens - Scuffles broke out in central Athens yesterday as tens of thousands of people protested a planned name change for neighbouring Macedonia that parliament is due to ratify this week. After some 30 masked youths tried to force the closure of the parliament building by throwing stones, riot poli ... more

Has Davos made the world better?

Klaus Schwab, who founded the World Economic Forum (WEF), has said his childhood during World War II inspired him to build an organisation that would make the world a better place. His foundation, which hosts many of the world's most powerful, famous and wealthy people at its annual meeting in the Sw ... more


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