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Issue: 64

February 5, 2019



Road ahead 2019: 

3 trends to watch for in customer service

Zoho CRM: Today’s consumer has plenty of options, and customer loyalty has become a rare commodity. Nearly 33% of American consumers say that a single instance of poor service is all they...

No CRM? 

3 Places Your Sales Team Feels the Pain

Salesforce: If you're not using a CRM in 2019, it probably means that you've done okay without one. You've probably built up your own tools, or you're really good with spreadsheets or you've a...


A Blueprint for CRM Success: Additional Insights and Replay Available

SugarCRM: Yesterday I hosted a webinar titled “A Blue Print for CRM Success,” where I outlined some of the key elements of planning and rolling out an effective CRM strategy.


The Advantages of Having a Utility Billing Software 

Nowadays some of the small, medium and large-scale enterprises have already signed on to the latest automated billing programs - with some choosing to automate their billing functions for the first time, while others opt to upgrade their systems... Read More


 Give Your Team the Power to Make Smarter Business Decisions

With the volume of business data doubling almost every year, and as CRM adoption continues unhindered, businesses are finding themselves with more and more data every day. Unlike in the past, every possible sales interaction...Read More



Devtac is one of the most promising solutions providers, giving revolutionary business solutions to all kinds of business and industries. We are more than an application of technology—we are a business strategy. 

We have continued to thrive and promote our expertise in Customer Relationship Management, but we are also proud to have extensive experience in Consultancy, Design, and Implementation of Mobile applications.

Send automated emails. Giving customers instant confirmation that their request has been received is one major benefit to automated emails.


Devtac is now one of the leading providers of ZohoSugarCRM, BlueBilling, Salesforce, SuiteCRM, and Software and Mobile App developers in the Philippines and Asia.




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Corporate Bio



Co-Founder and Director of Marketing and Alliances 

With over 30 years of experience in the CRM Industry, David's expertise is, without a doubt, unparalleled. 


Phone: +63 917 620 1555


Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Walter has developed and provided numerous business solutions software for global clients and has been there in the ecosystem for more than 10 years. 


Phone: +63 917 794 8226


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