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SOLIDIFY, study visit, Essen (DE) - Information


European Union's Urban Agenda – Partnership on "Security in urban spaces", launch meeting, Efus Paris (FR) 


SOLIDIFY, Audit, Lisbon (PT) - Information


CCI, Coordination Meeting, Amsterdam (NL) - Information

 27-28/02/2019 & 01/03/2019

PROTECT, Coordination Meeting, Paris (FR) - Information


Study visit and European symposium on "Supervised Drug Consumption Facilities: evaluation and prospects", European Parliament, - Information


Efus General Assembly meeting, Augsburg (DE) - Information



Efus' Executive Committee adopted a resolution on local drug policy, a topic on which it has been working for many years and has already passed several resolutions, during its latest meeting on 27-28 November in Amiens (FR). In this text, Efus advocates Supervised Drug Consumption Facilities, “which have already brought promising results in several European countries.” Indeed, these schemes are based on a harm reduction strategy as advocated by Efus, who also promotes drug policies that are based on a balanced approach between prevention, repression and social cohesion, and on “solid cooperation between local, regional, national and international levels of government as well as law enforcement agencies and civil society.” Such an approach should “seek to reduce drug demand and supply while decreasing the harm caused to our societies by traffic and consumption.” (...)


Efus and the Spanish Forum (FEPSU) took part in the second “World Forum on Urban Violence and Education in Cohabitation and Peace”, organised and hosted by the city of Madrid, on 5-8 November. The event gathered over 5,000 participants from all over the world, including 300 mayors. As a long-standing player in urban security, Efus was invited by the city of Madrid, which sits on the board of the Spanish Forum for Prevention and Urban Security (FEPSU), and by the Spanish UN-Habitat delegation, which was a partner in the event. (...)


Efus is a partner in the CreE.A project, which promotes mediation for social inclusion. For several years now, the project has been organising a yearly Mediators' Tour of Europe, in which they travel to Europe together with “master mediators” to gain knowledge on other mediation practices. Find information and feedback on the work carried out by the mediators in 2018 and apply now for the 2019 Mediators' Tour of Europe! (...)




Efus was selected together with the city of Nice (FR) to coordinate the new partnership of the European Union's Urban Agenda dedicated to urban security in public spaces. Over a period of three years, this partnership will allow the EU to include for the first time the topic of urban security in the work carried out as part of the Urban Agenda. In choosing Efus as coordinator together with the city of Nice, the EU recognises its expertise in urban security and its capacity for mobilising European local authorities. (...)


Efus organised a final event of the Medi@4sec project on technologies titled “The future of data: the case of urban security”, on 7 December in Montreuil (FR). On this occasion, Efus launched its new working group on “Innovation and Security”, which will further the work and reflection carried out through the project. (...)


As part of the Local Voices project, Efus is supporting the creation of local campaigns promoting alternative narratives to extremism in eight European local authorities, which will be released online. The project partners met in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean (BE) on 7-8 November to exchange about their project and be assisted by experts. These campaigns, which involve civil society representatives such as youth groups and associations, will be finalised in the first quarter of 2019. (...)


Twenty-five representatives from local and regional authorities and civil society organisations gathered in Málaga (ES) on 29-30 November for the third coordination meeting and European seminar of the PREPARE European project, led by Efus, on the prevention of radicalisation in prison and probation. The meeting was devoted to developing and implementing innovative local approaches to prevent radicalisation in prison and probation and facilitate the monitoring and resocialisation of released terrorist offenders. (...)




Efus will submit in mid-January a European project that will seek to support local and regional authorities in designing and implementing at local level integrated and multidisciplinary harm reduction strategies against drugs. The deadline for the reception of partnership-proposal letters is 9 January.

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Efus will submit another project proposal in mid-January on the integration of migrants. The project's main objective will be to support local authorities who have no or little experience in this field in order to enable them to implement strategies and policies through the exchange of knowledge and good practices with more experienced European local authorities.

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The municipality of Malmö (SE) has been implementing since 1996 an “Integrated Domestic Violence Programme” that gathers all the relevant municipal departments, police, the health services, and the prison and probation services. Based on the victims' practical needs, it raises awareness among relevant actors and the public at large. (...)



Efus contributed to a publication of the German Congress on Crime Prevention dedicated to violent extremism. The authors (Farid Bounouar, Juan Cristellys, Elizabeth Johnston, Moritz Konradi, Götz Nordbruch, and Emilie Petit) stress the importance of local security audits and assessments.  (...)