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Partnership of the European Union's Urban Agenda dedicated to urban security, launch meeting, Paris (FR) - Information


SOLIDIFY, Audit, Lisbon (PT) - Information


CCI, coordination meeting, Amsterdam (NL) - Information

 27-28/02/2019 & 01/03/2019

PROTECT, coordination meeting, Paris (FR) - Information


SOLIDIFY, Audit, Ljubljana (SI) - Information


Study visit and European symposium on “Supervised consumption rooms in Europe: evaluation and prospects”, European Parliament, Strasbourg (FR) - Information


Efus General Assembly meeting, Augsburg (DE) - Information



The European Forum for Urban Security wishes to pay tribute to Pawel Adamowicz and his commitment within the Forum. Mayor of Gdansk (Poland) since 1998, he was murdered during a charity event on 13 January 2019. The city of Gdansk is a member of Efus since 2013 and of its executive committee since 2016. (...)


An expertise in urban security increasingly that is recognised, broader areas of work, more cooperation with its European partners and new partnerships beyond Europe, as well as new European projects: Efus starts the new year with a solid experience and the will to innovate. Overview of the main themes on which we are working at the start of the new year and of the projects we are developing. (...)


How can local authorities act to reduce polarisation in their local communities, which renders them more vulnerable to radicalisation? This is the central question to which the European project “BRIDGE – Building resilience to reduce polarisation and growing extremism”, which is led by Efus, will seek to answer. The project will develop tools to evaluate and monitor local phenomena of polarisation and implement local actions in each partner local authority. This work will notably result in a series of European seminars and a webinar and, at the end of the project, a publication. (...)


Encouraging at the local level young Europeans to build alternative narratives to extremism and intolerance is the objective of a new, Efus-led European project titled “LOUD - Local young leaders for inclusion”, which started in January. Gathering nine local authorities and three NGOs from five European countries for a duration of two years (until January 2021), LOUD will seek to foster inclusive environments for young people in order to prevent them from drifting into intolerance and extremist behaviours. (...)


Violence and intolerance (racism, sexism...) are regularly condemned in professional sport, but they also exist in amateur sport and local authorities can, together with their local partners, act to prevent them. Empowering local authorities to do so is the objective of the new European project on sport led by Efus, which started in January for a duration of two years (up until December 2020). (...)


Efus is a partner in PACTESUR, a new European project led by the city of Nice (FR) and started in January, which will seek to give European local authorities knowledge and tools to better protect their public spaces against threats especially terrorist ones. The project gathers, apart from Nice and Efus, the cities of Liege (BE) and Turin (IT) as well as the National Association of Italian Communes (Associazione Nazionale Comuni Italiani, ANCI). (...)




The expert will contribute to the development of an assessment methodology and practical tools that will allow the partner local authorities to assess and monitor polarisation processes in their territories, support the partner local authorities in implementing their local polarisation assessments and pilot projects, and contribute to the project publication ... (...)




The city of Barcelona has been implementing since the 1980s a comprehensive harm reduction strategy that includes notably several supervised consumption facilities. This approach has proved well founded. (...)



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