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AZ Gives Day is April 2, 2019!

"It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving."

~ Mother Teresa

Find Your Cause...Join us in supporting Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary for 24 hours of online giving! You do not have to reside in Arizona to give. Donations can be made anywhere in the world via the website listed below! 

Invest in Your Community! Arizona Gives Day is a single statewide day of online giving that has raised $13.4 million for Arizona nonprofits since 2013. 

Please visit us at: 

An Update on Strawberry Moon...

Mom Nayla shares her afternoon hay...

Strawberry Moon enjoys a snack...

Our boy is back! After a 10-day stay at AZ Equine in Gilbert, Arizona, our colt Strawberry Moon is back at Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary, reunited with his mom, Nayla.  After undergoing successful colic surgery late last Saturday, performed by Dr. Taylor, DVM and close monitoring at the hospital to be sure he began the healing process and tolerated normal intake, Strawberry Moon arrived at the ranch safe and sound this Wednesday, January 30th.  He will remain on stall rest for 3 months in order to properly heal and will be provided supplemental bran mash with his morning hay as we closely monitor his intake and output!  Again, we are so thankful and blessed for the amazing and skilled vets for saving Strawberry Moon's life! 

We ask once again if you could open your hearts to help with this unexpected expense that is in excess of $12,000. You, our supporters, help us to do all we can to keep our horses happy and healthy. Any amount will help with this unexpected cost. 

To donate to Strawberry Moon's veterinary bill, please log on to or call the office at 520-398-2814. As always, thank you for your continued support!

Happy Rowdy that his buddy is back!

Sela & Ziggy welcome home Strawberry Moon...

An Urgent Plea...

Federal judge dismisses claims against tribe stemming from horse roundup

Benjamin Spillman, Reno Gazette-Journal January 29, 2019

A U.S. District Court judge in Reno dismissed legal claims against a Nevada Indian tribal government over a disputed horse roundup in rural Washoe County.  Judge Miranda Du on Monday said even if claims the roundup swept up horses that shouldn’t have been included are true, the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe’s status as a sovereign government shields it from legal claims.  “The sovereign immunity doctrine is very broad, it doesn’t really matter what the facts are,” Du said.  Although Du dismissed claims against the tribe, she reminded the remaining defendants that a Jan. 17 order to refrain from sending horses to slaughter while the search for Lady, a privately owned horse thought to have been wrongly herded away, continues. 

To read on, please follow this link:

Please, support the American Wild Horse Campaign as we stand up for Lady and the rest of the horses rounded up at Palomino Valley, and for all our critical work to save wild horses in Nevada and throughout the West.  Right now, we are the voice for these horses.  We are their advocates, and their lawyers. 

Thank you for standing with them and with us. 

American Wild Horse Campaign 

 P.O. Box 1733 Davis, CA 95617

A Potential Win For Animal Rights!

A proposed bill will make animal cruelty a federal felony

By Cole Higgins, CNN

Updated 2:32 PM ET, Mon January 28, 2019   

(CNN) Two lawmakers -- a Democrat and a Republican -- have proposed a bill that will make animal cruelty a federal felony.  Congressman Ted Deutch and Vern Buchanan, both from Florida, think the PACT Act will close a gap that's existed for years.  Federal law prohibits animal fighting.  And it also criminalizes animal cruelty if the wrongdoers create and sell videos depicting the act. But the PACT Act -- which stands for Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture -- will broaden the scope of prosecutors.

To read on, please follow this link:

Volunteer Spotlight

Every week Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary will feature our valued volunteers! It could be a picture, a poem, a story or a biography...whatever is submitted! So keep submitting material to and keep a lookout for you, our incredible volunteers! 

This week volunteer Lisbeth Lutz contributes a beautiful photograph and poem in tribute to this proud, strong mare from the new mustang herd, who has been named Cherokee!

MUSTANG SENTINEL Lisbeth.lutz2019 

She stands tall and firm,
Her eyes level at yours,
Her raggedy mane floats along her neck like punctuation in a non-verbal statement.
A white number code slashes starkly against her dark coat. 
Rough patches from rain, mud and horses saliva are scattered along her sides.
A section of ripped mane, caught and tangled, flaps like feathers in the wind. Mistrust, out of past necessity, lets you know to keep a distance, to go slow, to give time, to show patience… 
...until trust can be built you both must relent power.

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