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2018 Country Fair White Elephant Grant Awards

The Country Fair White Elephant gave out over $1 million in grants on December 14th to scores of non-profit organizations, most of them local, including Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary. The ceremony saw recipients come forward and offer thanks to the volunteers whose work makes the grants possible.

Equine Voices thanks the White Elephant for supporting our efforts to provide a better life for our rescued horses!

Gulliver's Store Corner

Our featured item of the week is...
The "Gulliver" baseball cap! The hat is a type of soft cap with a rounded crown and a stiff peak projecting in front to shield the wearer's eyes from the strong Arizona sun. The back of the cap is "fitted" to the wearer's head size by an adjuster so that it can be quickly adjusted to fit different wearers. It comes in a variety of colors.
Stop by the ranch gift shop or Gulliver's Resale Boutique in Tubac or call us at 520.398.2814 to purchase and receive a 10% off discount!

Friends Reunite at Equine Voices

During a recent visit to Green Valley, friend of Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary Laura Shuman was reunited with an old friend, our beloved Illusion.  Laura had previously attended one of Anna Twinney's horsemanship clinics, which are designed to provide the opportunity to learn the methods and concepts necessary to fully understand and work in the language of the horse.  Laura learned this hands-on approach, allowing her to gain insight and understanding into the mind of Illusion, and build a true connection and trust-based partnership with her.  It was very clear that Illusion did indeed remember Laura as she received some much deserved love, attention and grooming!  

The Latest on the Devil's Garden Wild Horses...

If you have ever wanted to adopt a horse, please consider the Devil's Garden wild horses in California that need loving homes. You would literally be saving a life. These wild horses are already selling cheap (as low as $1) making it easy for kill buyers to purchase in bulk and ship them off to slaughter. Equine Voices has committed to saving 10 of these beautiful animals, one of which is an injured mare estimated to be under 10 years of age. They are due to arrive on the ranch on Saturday, after a journey of over 1,000 miles. The Devil’s Garden horses are in desperate need of your help whether it is through adoption, donation, "liking" a page or a post share, please start a conversation to raise awareness and influence change. Here at Equine Voices we are asking for help with feed, veterinary care, and training cost assistance. Perhaps you may want to sponsor one of the wild horses?  

For more information please visit or call 520.398.2814

Gulliver & Friends Needs Donations

If you have any items you would like to donate, please contact us!

Hours of operation at Gulliver & Friends Resale Boutique are Wednesday through Saturday, 11am to 3pm.

All proceeds benefit the horses at Equine Voices!

Shop Amazon & Save Horses!
 By shopping online at Amazon through our affiliate link, up to 10 percent of your purchases will go to the horses of Equine Voices. It's simple, quick and convenient. Click Here and find the Amazon Icon on the top of the homepage, then get shopping!

Gulliver Fan Club
If you love Gulliver and would like to support the horses at Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary, please join "Gulliver's Fan Club". For only $10/month, you can be part of helping Gulliver spread the word about the plight of the foals bred for the PMU industry.

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Sponsor a Horse!

Sponsor a horse and receive a beautifully framed picture of the horse you've chosen and their story. For an annual sponsorship you will also receive a beautiful Cowboys Collectible horse hair key chain. Colors and styles may vary based on availability.
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