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Happy New Year from All of Us at Equine Voices!

Everyone at Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary wishes a most happy and healthy 2019 to all of our supporters, sponsors, board members, volunteers and staff! We look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!

”A brand new year could be considered the seed, and your goals could be the buds, but taking action and achieving your dreams, well, that is the flower. May the New Year be your seed and may you have lots of flowers to inspire you!” 

– Kate Summers

The Devil's Garden Wild Mustangs Have Arrived! 

Our newest members of the herd at Equine Voices finally arrived on December 29th and are beginning to settle in their new home just a bit more, though it is very apparent just how horribly they were treated. Most have ribs visible even through their thicker winter coats. But with love and time and proper nutrition, we will get these horses back to healthy weights! 

On December 31st, Executive Director & Founder of Equine Voices Karen Pomroy was interviewed by KVOA local 4 news reporter/anchor Aalia Shaheed about the rescue of the 10 wild horses from Devil's Garden in NE California, who surely would have been shipped to slaughter after being sold for only $1. As mentioned in the last newsletter, one gelding was adopted by Matt & Palomino Armstrong to save him from the constant bullying suffered at the hoofs of the other geldings.  His new buddy is a one-eyed horse keeping him company! 

We are so grateful to Aalia for covering this story and raising awareness of the plight of these noble, wild horses!

Below you can find the link to view the KVOA interview with Karen...

A name has been given to the gray mare. Tag #240 has been named "Mago," which is an ancient Korean word expressing the unconditional love and spirit of Mother Earth. 

Everyone at Equine Voices wishes to extend our sincere gratitude to Matt and Palomino Armstrong of Chilly Pepper-Miracle Mustang Rescue, donor Alvin Barrett for so generously financing the mustang's 1,000+ mile journey, and all of our donors', sponsors', volunteers' and the community's continued support and assistance in making this rescue happen! We could not have done it without you! 

A Snow Day at Jumpin' Jack Ranch!

Gulliver and the rest of the herd at Equine Voices woke up to quite a few inches of snow for the second day of this new year! As one walks the expanse of the ranch, horses in stalls or corrals, bathing in the sun, light glistening off the pristine snow-lined trees, you can't help but say “it does look quite beautiful, doesn’t it”…

Here's to more southern Arizona snow days!

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