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To Our Valued Customers and Partners,

Welcome to Dataline Group’s first Newsletter for 2019! 


New Partnerships

Dataline welcomes on board our latest MYOB partners in the MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo space.  Recently coming on board to join our list of happy partners have been Momentum Software Solutions, Brunton NZ, Leverage Technologies, Axsys, Alphabiz Solutions and Acacia Consulting Services. 

Dataline Group is also proud of our new partnership with Printsolv which solidified towards the end of 2018. PrintSolv is a leading wholesale supplier of solutions to the multi-functional print dealer channel in Australia and across the Asia Pacific.

Accounts Payable Automation

The year started off with a bang with so much happening with our APA+ solution, which provides efficiency improvements by digitally transforming the Accounts Payable Process. Our sales and operation divisions have been busy supporting new customers that have come on board and in February this year, we released our latest improvement for MYOB Advanced clients. The improvement now feeds back images of your invoices as well as approved invoice transactions back into MYOB Advanced. For customers and partners that wish to find out more regarding our APA+solution, please contact Steve Morrall on 02 9882 6301 or visit for more information.

The smart way to manage your Working Capital

Did you know that you can now offer your suppliers early payment to increase your revenue or improve working capital? Welcome to Working Capital Solutions, a better way to manage your payables. Dataline and FIFO Capital have partnered to provide customers an innovate working capital facility to pay suppliers on-time(or early for a small discount), whilst confidentially extending your credit terms up to 90 days. Dataline improves the approval process of your invoices, while FIFO Capital provide you with unsecured, off-balance sheet facilities. To find out more, please contact Anthony Smiljan or visit for more information.

Is your Cheque Printer Compliant to Australian Banking Standards? 

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) solutions will provide you with the highest level of security features when printing cheques, but did you know that not all MICR solutions in the market adhere to Australian Banking Standards? Outdated MICR printers, models from overseas and remanufactured MICR consumables does not guarantee that the cheques produced are valid for use in Australia. Dataline Group have been in the cheque printing business for decades and we only produce magnetic ink cheque printers and consumables that are compliant with Australian Banking Standards. If you have a concern regarding the validity of your systems, please contact Gemma Amate on 02 9882 6301 or via email:

MYOB Developers Conference

This year Dataline Group is proud to be a sponsor again at the MYOB Partners Conference 2019 and welcomes the opportunity to catch up with our partners. This event takes place over 3 days from 19-22 March 2019.  We are looking forward to three days of collaborate thinking



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