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     YubiKey: "Set new global standards for two-factor,                                 multi- factor & passwordless authentication "

The need to secure our digital accounts is more important than ever with our growing dependency on online services, and two-factor authentication increasingly considered as essential.

With reports of how hackers could intercept two-factor codes sent through text messages – an extra step of authentication – the YubiKey  is a two-factor hardware dongle that verifies your identity through a physical USB-like device for greater security. 

You can use the YubiKey with a growing number of online services, such as personal and enterprise Google and Microsoft accounts, or to secure your laptop, as well as social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Alternatively, use it with popular password managers such as KeePass & 1Password.

(Reviews coverage in the SCMP- Seven tech devices that will help you get things done better,  faster and more securely)

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