Students are Jumping into Online Study Options

Is pressure mounting to meet academic needs at your school next semester? We are now actively enrolling students from schools that need online solutions to:
  • Overcome schedule conflicts
  • Earn credits to graduate on time
  • Take out-of-sequence courses
  • Pursue unique interests in languages, technology, and other electives
With our flexible enrollment periods, your students can start online courses any week of the year. Login to your existing account or open a free account to enroll and monitor students today!

Why Sevenstar? High Course Completion Rates

Students are becoming aware that not all online courses are created equally.
Sevenstar is pleased to report that our course completion rate is firmly among the leaders in the online education industry.
While online learning providers still lag behind the top brick-and-mortar schools that achieve 95%+ successful completion rates, Sevenstar offers one of the most reliable ways to supplement existing programs, add flexibility, recover credits, and offer innovative online learning opportunities to Christian students.

Featured Course: Leadership Skills Development

Did you know that Sevenstar offers a leadership training course by Mawi Learning? Check out these impressive results:

  • 95% of educators saw improvements in students’ growth mindsets and confidence
  • 93% of educators saw improvements in students’ readiness for college and career
  • 94% of 8-12th grade students recommended the course

Learn more about how this course can be used to teach skills for students to grow as leaders in 2019.


Upcoming Conferences for School Leaders

Please contact us if you would like to discuss online education with a Sevenstar expert at an upcoming event.


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