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Schoolchildren flying high with new dreams 
Transform Lives one school at a time is giving wings to schoolchildren to fly high with new dreams and new hope reflected in their eyes. This inspiring change is thanks to generous partners—the district education department and individual donors who are supporting innovations and programs that are improving the quality of education in rural communities. The much-talked-about construction under this project of a digital classroom at a government school in Indragarh School in Alwar, Rajasthan, is evidence of how schoolchildren are becoming motivated to stay in school, learn more, and think big. Read a recent coverage by The Times of India.

You can be part of this change for more rural schoolchildren!
As many as 130 million school-age children in primary government schools in rural India still do not have the most basic requirements for a nurturing and safe learning environment and lack essential skills training to prepare them for a bright future. Your donation of any amount will be matched 1:1 by Dr. Suri Sehgal & Mrs. Edda Sehgal to transform more children’s lives.

Job Well Done ~ B. R. Poonia 

Skilled social scientist and respected member of Sehgal Foundation’s original team, B. R. Poonia, retired in December after almost two decades of leadership and insight that made a positive impact on the lives of rural people in the villages of Mewat and Alwar districts of Haryana and Rajasthan respectively. Suri Sehgal describes Poonia as a person of high ethics, fairness, and compassion who served as “an important pillar and role model when we started the foundation in 1999.” 


Jalkalp Filter: A step toward securing affordable and clean drinking water
By Upasana Upadhyaya
Safe drinking water is a right for every individual, but millions of people around the world still do not have access to clean and safe drinking water. Jalkalp is a low-cost ultra-portable stainless steel biosand filter that does not rely on electric power and delivers clean drinkable water with 100 percent removal of coliform matter.


Transform Lives one school at a time event

Saturday, February 9, 2019, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM  

Hyatt Place Coconut Point- 23120 Via Villagio Estero, FL 33928   

Details coming soon!


A dialogue on transparency, open access and ethics in development research
Sehgal Foundation in collaboration with International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie) organized a dialogue on Transparency, Open Access and Ethics in Development Research on December 4 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. The event aimed at unraveling major factors that inhibit transparency, access and ethics while conducting and disseminating development research. An intended outcome of the event was to bring the research community together to discuss plausible solutions to address issues of openness, transparency and ethics. Read more . . .   

Good Governance Conference discusses village-level water management strategies
Water management has long been moving away from a top-down to a bottom-up community participation approach. Sehgal Foundation's Eighth Annual Conference on Good Governance and Citizen Participation organized in collaboration with NIRDPR on December 7 at India International Center discussed the importance of involving the community in the planning, execution, implementation, and sustainability of water projects at all levels, from villages, cities, states, and nationally. Read more . . . 



Beyond Electoral Politics: Women in Local Governance in Haryana, NewsReach

By Debika Goswami

Encouraging women to stand for elections to the local bodies is one step forward; empowering them with knowledge and skills in planning and decision-making must necessarily follow if women need to be active creators of their own future and not figure-heads and proxy figures for the men in their families. Read more . . . 

Aparna Radhakrishnan, senior research and policy associate, Development Research and Policy Initiatives, presented the poster on Utilizing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for mapping cropping systems: A case of Rajasthan, India, at American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting 2018. Read abstract 

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