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February 2019


Financing energy efficiency with carbon revenues

Energy-saving measures, such as building renovation, new industrial processes, and advanced lighting, provide a wealth of opportunities to both reduce carbon and save money as we strive to meet climate goals. Revenues from EU emissions trading auctions are an ideal source of funding for these improvements. Recent RAP research shows that investing carbon receipts in energy efficiency can reduce emissions, benefit consumers and businesses, and advance the energy transition.



Let’s be more flexible: Rules and tools for a modern power grid 

Grid operators have historically forecast demand and scheduled generation to meet that demand. But new technologies allow us to use flexible renewable resources and flexible load to balance supply and demand. In a roundtable webinar on 5 February, RAP experts discussed the opportunities that flexible resources provide to the power system, the barriers to realizing flexibility, and what regulators can do to unleash its benefits.



European energy efficiency conference 2019

Energy consumption across Europe is rising despite 2020 and 2030 targets to reduce demand. At the World Sustainable Energy Days 2019 in Austria, Samuel Thomas will analyse factors causing this increase and recommend a much-needed step change in Europe’s energy efficiency ambition.

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The system flexibility challenge

Flexibility is key to managing a wide range of opportunities and challenges arising from today’s ever-changing power sector. Join Zsuzsanna Pató at an ERRA workshop where she will share insight into demand response and best practices for leveraging this flexibility resource to mitigate system challenges.

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