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Hi Cathy,

Welcome to the first O Zone of 2019! I hope you enjoy our new look.

People are already signing up to our first Salon event of the year, with Dr Louis Klein. He'll be starting a deeper dialogue on how we apply our values and principles to our selves, our work and our planet. It's called Good Governance is Everything. Louis is also holding a workshop for board members, leaders and organisational developers on Developing Smart Governance in a Changing World.

If you value your people and want to improve their working lives, if you are curious and up for trying something different, then please come along to our Resilience and Wellbeing Network Taster Day on January 25th. It's totally free and a chance to find out more about how you can incorporate more resilience and wellbeing into your organisation.

We're running three not-to-be missed programmes this year - for developing leaders, coaches and facilitators. This month we're focusing on Whole Person Facilitating, which has been redesigned and relaunches this year, facilitated by all three directors. It will help you develop a deeper, more courageous practice when working with groups.

Best wishes, 

Cathy Neligan

Director of Communications

Whole Person Facilitating 

This 14-day, year-long programme starts in October. 

We take a Whole Person approach, which means you need to be prepared to go on your own self-development journey, whilst learning how to go deeper when working with groups.

It appeals to both experienced and new facilitators and generally attracts a varied group who learn from each other.

Find out more.

Peer Supervision Community of Practice

Be stimulated and energised by the power of peers. 

This Community of Practice is for coaches, one-to-one developers and mentors. 

It will promote new thinking while providing a confidential and safe reflective space in which to enhance and inspire your work and continually develop your practice. 

Find out more

Good Governance is Everything

This year be inspired by internationally-recognised expert in change Louis Klein. 

At our Winter Salon Louis will stimulate thinking on how we govern to embrace the needs of our enterprise, social complexity, the planet and our individual responsibilities. And what difference does it make if we start with planet?

Find out more.

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Here are three articles from the Oasis blog:

Yaakov Atik on Good Anger and Harmful Anger

Anger gets a bad press. It is mostly perceived as an emotion that needs to be managed and controlled. Understandably so, especially in these turbulent times.  

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Nick Ellerby on The importance of encouragers and encouraging

What are the invisible forces at work, if any, that bring angels into our lives? Coincidence, serendipity, vulnerability, reputation, intentionality, or whatever it might be, how fortunate we are when we encounter people during our lives who simply have a desire to support and encourage.

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Gillian Chivinge on Supporting the leaders of tomorrow

...through an internship (supported by the Oasis Foundation) on the Windsor Leadership Dialogue, part of our commitment to supporting the leaders of tomorrow. 

Read more

Resilience and Wellbeing Network

Did you know we have a group of organisations that meet once a quarter to share best practice, look at the future landscape of work and get loads of ideas to help their people thrive?

Join us on January 25th to find out more about the Resilience and Wellbeing Network

To give you a taster of some of what we do, here's a blog from our archive: 

Busting the 1-in-4 myth in mental health awareness by Dr Jacqui Wilmshurst

If you attend a session on ‘mental health’ it is highly likely that you will be told that 1 in 4 adults will experience mental health issues in any given year. The snowballing use of this statistic, whilst undoubtedly well intentioned, can instead end up strengthening the very stigma it seeks to reduce.

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