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Welcome to 2019! The final year of the decade is already off to a historic start in terms of innovation. To kick off our first newsletter of the new year, here are 5 big picture trends we’ve got our eye on as we hit the ground running in 2019:

5 Flash Trends for 2019

01 Ethics and the Engine | Just like every emerging technology, artificial intelligence is a double-edged sword. With AI quietly permeating every realm of our lives, the debate is raised to the next level: How can man and machine coexist in a meaningful way?

02 Drones Take the Mainstage | 2018 showed us that a drone-filled future is just on the horizon and there is virtually no limit to the applications of these ever-more-intelligent machines. After a flock of drones served as background dancers on Drake’s last tour, the UAV industry is ready to take center stage and transform the way we do business, entertainment, and much more.

03 The Race to Deep Space | All eyes will be on the space industry as we mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing in 2019. Private companies and government agencies alike are already in hot pursuit of commercial space travel, exploration of uncharted regions of the Moon, and a manned mission to Mars.

04 Art Spaces for All Senses | In 2019, the art scene is moving past picture-perfect installations towards a fully immersive experience that stimulates all senses and sparks meaningful engagement - blending sound, visuals, the physical and the digital.

05 DNA Hacking | Genome editing tools such as CRISPR are a promising development in the fight against genetic diseases and life-long disabilities, but there’s a fine line between curing a disease and creating a genetic advantage or so called “designer babies”. Genome editing will have implications for generations to come - and we don’t even know the beginning of it.

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Drones for Good: Humanitarian Action from the Sky

Watch a recording of the event at the University of Geneva featuring Patrick Meier, PhD, Executive Director, WeRobot,  Christian Simm, PhD, CEO of swissnex Boston, Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo, PhD, Director, Centre Universitaire d’Informatique and Ivana Nady, Associate Settlements Officer, UNHCR.


Check us out at CES in Las Vegas

swissnex Boston is making its first-ever appearance at the Consumer Electron Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week as part of the Swiss pavilion. The Swiss pavilion will be showcasing products from over 30 startups active in fintech, life science, IT, drone technology and gaming. Follow #SwissTech for live updates.


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The Swiss Vocational System - A Driver for Innovation  — Boston


UZH Alumni Boston and swissnex Boston invite you to join Prof. Uschi Backes-Gellner, Professor of Business and Personnel Econom at the Institute for Business Administration and Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Econom at the University of Zurich, for an exploration of the success story that is the Swiss vocational system.



Swiss Sciences Night — Boston


Interested in research and career opportunities in Switzerland? Save the date for Swiss Sciences Night 2019! Many of Switzerland's top universities, research institutions, and companies will be present with a wide variety of open positions for you to explore. Details will be announced shortly, so stay tuned for updates.



MIT European Career Fair — Boston 

Stop by the Swiss Pavilion at MIT’s annual European Career Fair. We’ll be exhibiting some of Switzerland’s top opportunities in research and technology alongside prestigious institutions from across Europe.



SNSF Scientific Image Competition | Deadline January 31 2019

The SNSF Scientific Image Competition encourages researchers working in Switzerland to present their works to the public and the media. Photographs, images and videos will be rated in terms of their aesthetic quality and their ability to inspire and amaze, to convey or illustrate knowledge, to tell a human story or to let us discover a new universe.

St. Gallen Symposium | Deadline February 1 2019

Compete and qualify for free participation as a “Leader of Tomorrow” in the world’s premier opportunity for intergenerational debates: The 49th St. Gallen Symposium. Meet outstanding current and future leaders, present your ideas to a global audience, become part of a unique community and win CHF 20,000 prize money – all expenses covered. Register now and submit your essay by February 1. 

Dual M.A. Program: International Affairs + Law and Diplomacy | Deadline February 10, 2018

The Fletcher School in Boston and the University of St.Gallen in Switzerland offer a professional dual degree program in International Affairs. In two years overall, you can earn two Master‘s degrees from two top schools on two continents, combining a proven record in diplomacy with business excellence. Click here for details about the program. 

Lucerne Summer University: Ethics in a Global Context | Deadline February 15, 2019

PhD/Doctoral and MA students from around the world and from different disciplines can apply to take part in building a global network for sustainable responsibility. Learn more and apply here

EuroTechPostdoc | Deadline February 28 2019

This postdoc program grants 40 fellowships and provides international research and career development opportunities at the Technical University of Denmark, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne - EPFL and Eindhoven University of Technology and Technical University of Munich. 


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Image Credits: Jeffrey Farrell, Schier lab; Lin Mei

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